I love May

I love May. The ground warms and the air is perfumed with the smells of lilac, cherry blossoms, wild honeysuckle and mock orange. I become a hazard on the road as different flowering branches and bushes catch my eye. I make a mental note "that is the most beautiful magnolia tree I have ever seen." Until I spot another tree at the next intersection.

But it doesn't take long for the spring rain storms to pluck every petal from my newly favourited magnolia tree. I want to capture spring and hold it captive. I want the apple blossoms that grow by my house to stay forever. But- I also want the swoop of the branches when the tree is weighted full of tiny crabapples. The deer silently grazing on the ripe fallen fruit.  

This constant change reminds me of a quote by Ernst Lehrs: "While progressing from leaf to flower the plant undergoes a decisive ebb in its vitality. Compared with the leaf, the flower is a dying organ. This dying, however, is of a kind we may aptly call a 'dying into being.' Life in its mere vegetative form is here seen withdrawing in order that a higher manifestation of the spirit may take place."

I remind myself that this change is part of the reason why I love flowers so much. They are never static. Then again, nothing really is.